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Established more than two decades ago, Gal Oger CPA & Co. is an accounting and financial consulting firm employing accountants and tax consultants who are leaders in their fields. The firm offers a broad range of accounting, managerial and financial services, relying on years of intensive experience in its various areas of expertise. Over the years, our firm has specialized in providing services to private corporations and subsidiaries of public corporations, with emphasis on foreign corporations involved in local manufacturing and infrastructural projects, as well as short-, medium- and long-term investments in the Israeli hi-tech, commercial, manufacturing and real-estate industries. Gal Oger also specializes in serving private Israeli corporations and high-net-worth individuals who have divested their business holdings or terminated their tenure in senior executive positions in the public and private sector. Our firm supports and consults these individuals on their various financial but also, and particularly, real investments (such as representation on board of directors and review of their operations and investments in various corporations and projects, in Israel and especially abroad).

For many years now, we have been cooperating intensely with leading consulting firms in Israel, including commercial law firms, the Big 4 global accounting firms and other major economic entities.

Quality, value-added and timely service has been our motto throughout, and we have always made a point of catering to our clients’ needs in a professional but pleasant, easygoing approach. Each of our clients and their affiliated business entities can trust us to have their needs met speedily and professionally. In particular, we take care to interact with our foreign clients and stakeholders in their own language, using the business, legal and accounting terminology familiar to them and showing sensitivity to intercultural differences – all based on our extensive experience in international business contacts.

We place particular emphasis on providing support to individuals and entities about to start business operations in Israel for the first time, as well as Israeli businesses on the verge of expanding to global markets.

Above all, we are committed to strict ethical values. Our clients’ privacy and confidentiality constitute the cornerstone of our value system, together with absolute avoidance of any conflicts of interest and careful considerations of our clients’ long term prospects.

Practice Areas
  • Tax consulting

    We consult both Israeli and foreign companies on various tax issues, including special tax benefits, tax structures, and transfer prices. Our team prepares the client’s tax planning and accompanies it from the start of operations through the decision to sell off the operation, introduce an investor or liquidate the company.

  • Auditing and accounting

    Our firm audits financial accounting reports in Israel, as well as annual statements submitted to Israeli tax authorities. We have extensive professional knowledge and experience in providing auditing and accounting advisory services in compliance with local (Israeli GAAP) and international (IFRS) regulations.

  • Appointing a fiscal representative

    In order to meet the requirements of Israeli tax regulations derived from the VAT Law and the Income Tax Ordinance, Israeli representation is required, with the representative registered in the Tax Authority’s as acting on behalf of a foreign-based taxpayer in the course of its business operations in Israel (as a foreign corporation’s branch). We offer our services to act in this capacity vis-à-vis the Israeli tax authorities. Our firm is highly experienced in this area, and we offer special arrangements that have proven their added value in facilitating this procedure as smoothly as possible.

Our team
Gal Oger

Gal Oger, born in 1962, received his CPA license in 1990. Gal has a BA in economics and accounting and an MBA, specializing in funding and insurance, both from the Tel Aviv University.

During his years as an active CPA, Gal accumulated extensive experience in taxation, financial management, banking, capital markets and entrepreneurship, private equity transactions, security businesses and taxation and management consulting services for foreign corporations conducting large-scale projects in Israel.

Gal is married and has four children.

Naomi Zalait

Naomi Zalait, born in 1978, received her CPA license in 2006, after internship at Ernst & Young. Naomi has a BA in accounting and economics from the Tel Aviv University. Previously, Naomi has been a financial manager in the hi-tech startup industry.

Naomi is in charge of our family office department, which manages, controls and oversees the Israeli and overseas assets of high-net-worth families. She is also responsible for our relations with global clients and their transactions in Israel.

Naomi consults the family office’s clients on structuring investment strategies, effective tax planning and real-estate investment issues.

Naomi is married and has two children.

Irena Haikin

Born in 1976, received her CPA license in 2015.

Irena has a BA in economics and accounting from University of finance and economy in Russia, and completed her accounting studies in Bar Ilan University.

Irena has diverse accounting experience, starting in senior accounting management positions, followed by financial auditing of companies and corporations, including both Israeli and international private companies. She is also experience in corporate and Individual taxes, statements for Individuals as well as for non-profit organizations, declarations of capital and handling partnerships.

Irena is married and has a daughter.

Rosalia Fefer Zak

Rosalia Fefer Zak, born in 1973, received her CPA license in 1999 (an International CPA license); she received an Israeli license as a certified public accountant in 2010..

Rosalia has a BA in accounting, finance and economics from Montevideo University in Uruguay.

She has work experience abroad (Uruguay) as a licensed CPA, having worked as an auditor and as a controller.

Rosalia immigrated to Israel in 2007 and since then, she has gained extensive experience in the auditing of private companies especially in communications, financial services and hi- tech industries.

Rosalia also has experience in tax matters and reporting for self-employed individuals.

Rosalia's is able to carry out professional work in the following languages: Spanish, English and Hebrew.

Rosalia is married and has two children.

Rosalia Fefer Zak, nacida en 1973, ha recibido su licencia de Contadora Pública en 1999 (licencia de Contadora Publica Internacional), en el año 2010 recibió su licencia de Contadora Pública Israelí.

Rosalia tiene una licenciatura en Contabilidad, Finanzas y Economía de la Universidad de Montevideo (República Oriental del Uruguay).

Rosalia tiene experiencia laboral en el extranjero (Uruguay) como Contadora Pública licenciada, habiendo trabajado como auditora y controladora.

Rosalia emigró a Israel en el año 2007 y desde entonces ha adquirido extensa experiencia en auditoría de empresas privadas con énfasis en las industrias de comunicaciones, servicios financieros y alta tecnología.

A su vez Rosalia tiene experiencia en cuestiones fiscales y contables relevantes de las personas físicas.

El trabajo profesional de Rosalia es ejecutado en los siguientes idiomas: Español, Ingles y Hebreo.

Rosalia está casada y tiene dos hijas.

Haim Shechter

Born in 1974, Haim received his CPA license in 2003. Haim has a BA in accounting and economics from Haifa University.

Haim has an intensive experience in financial management, accounting, international tax, relating both to traded public company and reporting company.

Haim also managed and coordinate audit at large scale industrial companies in KPMG audit firm.

In our firm, Haim deals with finance management, accounting, controlling services, client management, tax and international tax advisory, and accompanying clients and business transactions.

Haim is married and has two daughters.

Avi Shusha
Certified Tax Consultant

Avi Shusha, born in 1975, graduated accounting and taxation from Ramat Gan College, and is licensed as a tax consultant.

Avi has rich and diverse experience in consolidating relations and interfaces with various tax authorities and he specializes in the Israeli Tax Authority’s computer system.

For many years now, Avi has been consulting our clients on their personal tax payments, providing quality accounting and payroll services. Avi is also in charge of all customer relations in our firm.

Avi is married and has four children.

Limor Gur
Administrative Manager

Limor Gur, born in 1964, graduated in personal training & coaching studies at the Ono Academy.

Limor has extensive experience of over 15 years in advertising and marketing (MARCOM) in large organizations.

In our team Limor is responsible for office administrative management as well as customer relations and service

Limor is married and has 2 children.

Iris Harpaz
Accounting (Intern)

Iris Harpaz, born in 1984, has a BA in economics and management from Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College and is a graduate of accounting studies at Bar Ilan University (accounting program for BA graduates).

She gained experience in the fields of current accounting and individual taxation issues and auditing.

In our team, Iris is a portfolio manager for customers and tax referent, and also handles and provides accounting services of all kinds.

Iris is married and has a daughter.

Chana Dichovsky
Accounting (Intern)

Born in 1991, Chana has a BA in accounting and Information Technology from the Lev Academic center.

Chana is experienced in accounting management, payrolls, and auditing of companies as well as nonprofit organizations.

In our firm, Chana provides auditing and accounting services and tax reports.

Chana’s professional services are given in English and in Hebrew.

Chana is married and has a daughter.

Ohad Klainman
Certified tax consultant

Born in 1975, Ohad has a BA in science of nature as of year 2000, from the agriculture faculty in Rehovot.

He is licensed as a tax consultant, as of year 2008, after graduate studies of taxation and accounting.

Ohad is consulting to our clients on their tax aspects and personal tax payments, account management and payrolls.

Ohad also experience in the banking sector.

Ohad is married and has a daughter.

Meital Sasoni

Born in 1989, Meital graduate studies of accounting management level 3.

Meital is experience in accounting management, individual taxation and office administration.

In our firm, Meital is dealing with accounting management, individual taxation, payrolls and customer services.

Meital is married and has a daughter.

Activity areas
  • Administrative, financial control & controller services

    Providing one-stop shop services designed to help multinationals operating or about to operate within the State of Israel, or alternatively, collaborations with Israeli entities operating outside the country.

    These services include:

    • Local representation: Under this capacity, we serve as trusted advisors, controllers and supervisors of the multinational corporation in any business transaction in Israel, including with strategic Israeli partners, law firms, banks and funders, including institutional entities and various state authorities, with particular emphasis on tax authorities and any material contractor or client with whom the foreign entity interacts.
      Our rich experience and broad connections and local savvy, enable us to provide state-of-the-art local representation services.
    • Foreign experts relocating to Israel: Gal Oger & Co. is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects relevant to employing expats in Israel in compliance with the various regulatory requirements involved, including insurance cover aspects and any other ancillary issue.
    • Handling special payroll arrangements: We provide support in the area of compiling expat payroll reports and meeting all relevant requirements, including national (social) insurance and general and medical private insurance policies.
    • Employee stock ownership plans: Consulting support for ESOPs based on currently available executive benefits and related capital gains.
    • Foreign expert status and work permits: In this area, we cooperate with the top legal experts to enable our clients to employ expats on a strictly legal basis meeting all local regulatory requirements.
    • Financial audits and statements: Auditing the operations of Israeli branches and submitting all statements required by the local tax authorities and bank system, including accounting services for branch managements.
  • Appointing a fiscal representative

    In order to meet the requirements of Israeli tax regulations derived from the VAT Law and the Income Tax Ordinance, Israeli representation is required, with the representative registered in the Tax Authority’s as acting on behalf of a foreign-based taxpayer in the course of its business operations in Israel (as a foreign corporation’s branch). We offer our services to act in this capacity vis-à-vis the Israeli tax authorities. Our firm is highly experienced in this area, and we offer special arrangements that have proven their added value in facilitating this procedure as smoothly as possible.

    The following is a short summary of Israeli legal and regulatory requirements relevant for our fiscal representation role:

    • Section 60 of the 5736- 1975 Value-Added Tax Law (please see link) provides for the appointment of a local representative by foreign nationals conducting business operations in Israel through foreign corporations. The article requires such foreign taxpayers to report the name of their local fiscal representative to VAT administration within 30 days after starting to operate in Israel. This representative could be a permanent Israeli resident or corporation registered in Israel (see Regulation 6 of the VAT Regulations (Registration), 5736-1976).
      Section 60 provides for the registration of a foreign national employed in Israel and stipulates that a representative appointed in said manner will be considered, for the purposes of the VAT Law, as liable to tax. This clearly demonstrates the extent of the responsibility assumed by a fiscal representative in Israel.
    • Amendment 132 to the 5721-1961 Income Tax Ordinance [New Version] (please see link) added a new section, 68B, to the ordinance, stipulating that a foreign resident required to appoint a representative under Section 60 of the VAT Law, he shall appoint a representative also for the purposes of the Ordinance. This representative shall be authorized to report to the tax authorities, to accept money on behalf of the foreign resident and handle any legal matter in Israel.
  • Tax consulting

    We consult both Israeli and foreign companies on various tax issues, including special tax benefits, tax structures, and transfer prices. Our team prepares the client’s tax planning and accompanies it from the start of operations through the decision to sell off the operation, introduce an investor or liquidate the company.

    The following is a concise summary of the tax consulting services we provide:

    • Consulting on holding structure, the incorporation structure best serving the client’s taxation purposes according to his business objectives and legal principles, precedents and current practices.
    • Submitting periodical tax returns, including complex reports such as reports by exempt companies etc., consolidated reports for tax purposes, overseas tax refunds, etc.
    • Advising on merger, acquisition and splitting transactions.
    • Representation in tax hearings held by the various tax authorities and obtaining pre-rulings.
    • Advising on capital profit transactions, tax averaging, loss offset, etc.
    • Advising on residence for tax purposes, both to Israeli corporations owning foreign subsidiaries and to foreign corporations owning Israeli subsidiaries.
    • In the last few years, our firm has been running a special venture with an American accountant located in Israel, serving clients required to submit statements to US and Canadian tax authorities. We make the adjustments required for these clients in order to jointly comply with the tax regulations in the two countries in question (Israel and either the US or Canada) – adjustments with significant tax implications.
  • Auditing and accounting

    Our firm audits financial accounting reports in Israel, as well as annual statements submitted to Israeli tax authorities. We have extensive professional knowledge and experience in providing auditing and accounting advisory services in compliance with local (Israeli GAAP) and international (IFRS) regulations.

    Our firm serves as an auditor of private international corporations and local companies, subsidiaries of public entities and non-profit organizations. Our firm has auditing experience in a variety of industries.

    Our audit involves comprehensive assessment of the client’s business from the accounting perspective, paying particular attention to the weak point in the system. Thanks to years of experience in consulting businesses, we have a significant capability of directing our auditing work so as to emphasize corporate controls and other elements able to make a decisive positive contribution to the ongoing management of the audited entity. When working with private and other companies, subject to the client’s request, our auditing approach devotes particular attention to tax issues and tax optimization.

  • Economic & commercial consulting, and preparing for new ventures

    We have a department specializing in accompanying business plans and top-quality analysis of trends in Israeli economic sectors and industries. Before starting a project in Israel or overseas, a business often needs to recruit capital and business partners, or to plan a new venture from scratch. Our department will provide the solutions required in the form of a reader-friendly plan that will be invaluable to the company in the process of creating the new venture and recruiting the resources required.

    The business plan we offer is the culmination of a joint process by the entrepreneur/s and our department. This process involves gathering information about the existing or prospective venture and its market (industry, competitors, etc.), defining its mission, objectives and targets, and planning its current structure or future expansion. At the end of the process we deliver a detailed document that includes a descriptive and a financial section.

    Our business plans are tailored to suit your specific organizational needs, those of the entrepreneurial entity and the objective you have in mind. The first section describes the business, the entrepreneurs, the sources of income (product/service), development stages, organizational structure, market analysis, pricing and marketing strategy, and SWOT analysis. The second, financial section calculates costs and incomes, as well as a forecast cash flow over the next several years, and any other table or diagram required, given the nature of your operations, in order to illustrate your future financial development and business potential.

  • Due diligence and value appraisal

    Due diligence is a precondition for any major deal, because its results may affect the deal’s price, terms and even whether it is finalized at all.

    Financial due diligence is designed to analyze the company’s financial situation and activity outcomes. This includes a review of the company’s accounting policy, including the appropriateness of its asset and liability statements. We also check whether there are any liabilities (supplier balances, creditors or loans) that are not stated in the company’s books, or liabilities that are stated in inappropriate values. In addition, we review income segmentation, cost composition (fixed, variable), profitability rates and the degree to which the company meets working capital requirements to finance its ongoing operations. Finally, we offer a financial forecast and estimate a representative operational profit, after cancelling out nonrecurring events. On the whole, serious and profound accounting and financial due diligence will provide potential buyers with a clear mapping of risks, opportunities and potentials in any prospective transaction.

    Tax due diligence designed to analyze the company’s tax exposures.

    Legal due diligence designed to review the company’s legal status. This review includes agreements concluded between the company and third parties (suppliers, clients, employees, banks), future liabilities and legal exposures. It also tests its compliance with various regulatory requirements in its line of business – this part of the process is conducted with our close support, under the responsibility of the client's legal advisor’s.

  • Financial & banking services, and international transfers

    These services are designed to help the company attain competitive rates, both in terms of financial margins and in terms of operational commissions. Note that our consulting refers both to the credit area and to the investment area. In the taxation area, we are highly experienced in obtaining permits for tax exempt money transfers out of Israel (to the extent possible).

    Our team boasts an impressive record in dealing with foreign companies and providing professional services to foreign companies and individuals, SMEs, large and huge corporations doing business in Israel.

  • Investments by high-net-worth individuals (family office)

    This service allows HNWIs to manage their family assets from a long-term perspective, with a view to preserving them for future generations. In the investments area, our team coordinates contacts between the family and various financial entities (banks, investment houses, hedging funds and investment funds) and formulates a global investment strategy. In the individual legal area, it provides intergenerational planning, including wills, testaments and prenuptial agreements. In many cases, our family office also manages the family’s philanthropic activities. Note that the legal aspects of this service are not under our firm’s responsibility – they are handled by legal experts hired by our clients, or those with whom we have had positive experience over the years.

    The family office provides “staff services” for managing high-net-worth families, enabling these families or individuals to manage their wealth professionally as though they were an investment company or an institutional investor.

    Our firm’s representative in these matters is the family’s confidant, and interpersonal relations in this field of activity are critical. The representative helps the family set its objectives and determine its strategy, and may be involved in the most sensitive issues, such as intergenerational capital transfers and family tensions due to financial conflicts.

  • American-Israeli Desk

    Our firm has recently created this desk given rapid changes in US regulations, as a result of which many of us are required to submit a variety of reports that had never been required before, or at least had not been enforced until recently neither by global banking systems nor by Israeli banks.

    This interface requires thorough familiarity with US tax and bank regulations (FATCA and other provisions), as well as parallel reporting requirements in Israel, with reference to the tax conventions between the two countries. It also requires familiarity with the interface between the Israeli National Security and the American Social Security.

    Our firm has a standing agreement and extensive experience with a partner US accounting firm, Julius S. Klein, CPA, which has permanent presence in Israel and is authorized to submit regulatory reports in all states. For our part, we are in charge of Israeli taxation aspect and the adjustments due to the need to report the same items under two separate and parallel tax regimes.

About us

Our firm was established in 1990 by Gal Oger, CPA with a BA in economics and accounting and an MBA with specialization in investments and reinsurance from Tel Aviv University.

Since Gal Oger & Co. CPA was established, it was active in several main areas, including consulting for initial private and public offerings (IPOs), private and bank capital recruiting, consulting for institutional investors in the stock market, mediation, economic arbitration, and mainly close support for private mergers and acquisitions, splits and spinoffs in various types of business incorporations.

With time, Gal Oger & Co. began specializing in consulting for various transactions and turnarounds from the taxation aspect, including the design of tax structures, providing opinions and obtaining tax authority and regulator pre-rulings.

Throughout our years in business, our firm has also provided accounting services to leading private firms in various industries, including account compilation and editing and due diligence services.

From the early 2000s, our firm has been positioned as a leading service provider for foreign corporations involved in local infrastructural projects – international conglomerations building new presence in Israel. Under this capacity, we provide fiscal representation and range of services relevant to these operations, such as financial statement compilation and auditing, financial and banking management services, payroll issues involved in employing foreign experts including handling and managing special licenses for their stay in Israel, ongoing reports to tax authorities and resolving various taxation issues involved in these operations.

An additional aspect of our operations which has developed significantly in recent years is consulting for foreign investors: compiling required reports to various local tax authorities, securing pre-rulings in cases of exit, and compiling accounting reports for global investors with an Israeli presence.

Our team is comprised of first-rate professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in the firm’s activity areas, including international financial management, individual and corporate tax consulting, complex payroll issues, various taxation and investment incentive laws, and external and internal auditing at a quality virtually unrivalled in Israel. See Our team section for further details.

Finally, and above all, our firm takes pride in maintaining a pleasant in-house environment. This principle is key to all our activities, enabling us to operate in a congenial social-business atmosphere that affects our team members’ and contractors’ motivation, and consequently the level of services they provide our clients.

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