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Since its inception by Gal Oger in 1990, our niche office specializes in Israeli taxation for international corporations conducting in Israel, Fiscal representation, Audit services, Trust services, and Professional Assistance with the banking system, both is Israel and globally.

We support projects in many sectors of industry, such as Energy, Infrastructure, High-tech, Logistics, Electronics, Financial services and more.
We advise and accompany institutional entities and investors similar to them, in Real or in Non-Tradable investments.

Our firm places special emphasis on comprehensive support to corporations that intend to conduct business activities in Israel for the first time, or alternatively to Israeli entities that initiate global business activities.

In order to provide our clients with a comprehensive and complete solution to all of their needs , we work in collaboration with leading accounting firms and legal consulting and relevant service suppliers for that niche.

For many years our firm’s staff incorporates a team of leading experts in their fields, driven by a commitment to excellence. We provide our clients with professional, fast and high quality service in a pleasant atmosphere and personal touch, engaging in all aspects of the client’s project as if it were ours.

We are committed to find creative solutions to the challenges for our clients, with full dedication to the highest ethical standards. Our clients’ privacy and confidentiality constitute the cornerstone of our value system, together with absolute avoidance of any conflict of interests and careful considerations of our clients’ long term prospects.

We promote values of close and courteous communication with global entities while making efforts to address them in their own language and business-legal-accounting terminology they are familiar with, based on the extensive experience in international business support services.

When you meet our team, you will find it’s assembled of top-notch and highly trained professionals who accumulated many years of experience with the services we offer, enabling us to provide each of our clients with full and personal attention, high responsivity and hand in hand guidance with the challenges they encounter during the project.

Above all – our firm has championed the principle of a pleasant environment. This leading principle enables us to operate in an amazingly pleasant social-business atmosphere, which positively affects the level of services both among our team members, our clients and suppliers.

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