Accompanying capital investments

Our firm centralizes for its private clients the connection to a variety of financial manufacturers, such as: Banks, investment firms, hedge funds and investment funds.

Upon request, our team will formulate a comprehensive or intergenerational investment strategy. Cooperating with legal experts on behalf of the clients or on our behalf when legal matters are to be discussed, such as: Wills, Estates and Prenuptial Agreements. 

In addition, we offer the possibility of managing philanthropic activities.

Our firm manages properties held by wealthy individuals and families, via a long-term perspective while striving to preserve them for future generations.
This service is conducted in a format of a company that provides “headquarters services”. With our help, capital owners can manage their assets in a professional and orderly manner, just as in an investment company or in an institutional investor.

We create a non-formal relationship between the client and our staff member, which enables high level of trust and confidence for the parties involve in that service.

We assist in detuning personal and family goals and strategies which require us to be involved in the most sensitive issues, such as the transfer of intergenerational capital and the easing of family tensions on financial grounds.

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