Audit and Accounting

Our firm provides audit services for financial statements in Israel, as well as annual tax statements to the tax authorities. We pride ourselves in our extensive professional knowledge and many years of experience in providing auditing and accounting services in compliance with the Israeli GAAP accounting standards and the international IFRS accounting standards.

Auditing financial statements are performed in order to provide an independent and fair opinion on the audited company’s reports. An opinion signed by the auditor is attached to the financial statements to show the accuracy and compliance of the report with the generally accepted accounting principles.

Our firm serves as an auditor for corporations and private companies, subsidiaries in public bodies (corporations for profit, associations and non-profit organizations) and international companies.

When required, the accounting department in our firm, can also prepare the financial statements, so that the reporting entity will complete its reporting obligation (both for the internal needs of the corporate and for external or governmental auditing of any kind).

Our vast experience in working with companies from diverse sectors, allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff and see the benefit of the customer above all else.

We will implement the audit while evaluating the client’s business from an accounting perspective in full, with the sensitivity required to the system’s soft spots.

We will direct the audit with an emphasis on corporate controls and on elements that can potentially make a positive contribution to the ongoing operation of the audited entity, while placing extra attention to taxation issues and tax optimization for the client.

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