• Hashahar Tower, 4 Ariel Sharon, Givatayim

Tax and banking consulting

Our firm specializes in advising Israeli companies and multinational corporations on various tax issues: Special tax benefits, tax structures, transfer prices, and other relevant issues.


The firm’s staff executes the client’s tax planning and accompanies them from the stage of its inception’ throughout it’s years of operation, to the stage of deciding on sale of the activity, introduction of an investor or liquidation.


Our firm offers the following tax consultancy services:


  • Advice regarding holding structures, form of incorporation that serves best the client’s tax purposes, precedents and customary practice.
  • Submitting periodic tax reports, including complex reports, such as reports to beneficiary enterprises, consolidated tax reports, tax credits from abroad, and more.
  • Accompanying and consulting in Mergers, Acquisitions, and Splitting transactions.
  • Representation in various tax authorities during tax hearings and obtaining pre-rulings.
  • Consultancy on capital gains transactions, tax spreading and loss utilization.
  • Residency for tax purposes consulting for both Israeli corporations with foreign companies and foreign corporations with business activity in Israel.



We are keen on representing our clients in the banking system as required, from early stages such as opening accounts, issues driven from “ Money Laundering” and the “Financing of Terrorism” laws,  commercial terms, and raising financial credit both in and outside the banking system.


Furthermore, we assist with all the necessary accountant approvals as part of the procedure required in order to obtain a work permit/ work visa for foreign experts who arrive in Israel.

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