Trust Protection services

We serve as a Trust “Protector”, a service dedicated to providing security and confidence to the Grantors of the Trust fund and its beneficiaries.

Trust Protector service in private trusts and foundations

This is an essential position, for the existence and sustaining of a trust of any kind.

In this role, we are appointed on behalf of both the settlor and the beneficiaries of the trust, to supervise all the trustee’s actions, to ensure that all the conditions are fulfilled and maintained and all the actions for which the trust was established for properly executed.

This function mainly includes financial control over the activities carried out in the trust, supervision of the way the funds and assets are managed, their distribution from time to time, and any other relevant action.

Managing Partner services for investment partnerships

Our firm provides a service of a managing partner (GP) in limited partnerships such as “Blocker”. This service includes all the necessary administrative actions for a managing partner, such as: Filing of foreign tax reports, supervision in foreign banks activity, execution of money transfers and handling all regulatory, reporting and compliance issues to be taken for the investment partnerships.

Director services, including business supervision for investors

We professionally accompany and supervise real investments in Israel and abroad on behalf of the controlling shareholders, through the appointment of our representatives as directors and officers in the various corporations, in which their investments are conducted.

More Activities

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