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Welcome to Gal Oger & Co Group - Accountancy and international tax services.

Since its inception by Gal Oger in 1990, our niche office specializes in Israeli taxation for international corporations conducting in Israel, Fiscal representation, Audit services, Trust services, and Professional Assistance with the banking system, both is Israel and globally.
We support projects in many sectors of industry, such as Energy, Infrastructure, High-tech, Logistics, Electronics, Financial services and more.

We advise and accompany institutional entities and investors similar to them, in Real or in Non-Tradable investments.

Our firm places special emphasis on comprehensive support to corporations that intend to conduct business activities in Israel for the first time, or alternatively to Israeli entities that initiate global business activities.

Our specialties

Establishing a business unit for global entities in Israel

We assist and accompany corporations and individuals who are interested in establishing a branch or subsidiary in Israel and enable them to receive an overall thorough picture of everything required for the establishment of a local activity.

The services we provide are ranging from setting up a local company or a branch, setting up a local bank account, registering a tax file with the tax authorities, advising on legal and logistical issues of relocation to foreign experts, wages for the company employees ( locals and foreigners), work permits consultation and payroll services.

Fiscal representation

We offer tax representation services in Israel. This service enables our global clients to achieve the status of an active local VAT and other relevant tax files. Within the curse of this service we become trustees for the global entity at a special designated tax trust bank account, which is necessary to maintain the above.

Tax and banking consulting

We assist with implementation of an effective tax planning in the scope provided by the Israeli law combined with other global tax laws and treaties. We advise Israeli and international companies on various tax issues such as: Special tax benefits, Tax Structures, Transfer prices and other relevant issues. As part of this service, we provide advisory regarding the holding structure, submission of periodic tax reports and counseling on mergers, acquisitions and splitting of activities.

We are keen on representing our clients in the banking system as required, from early stages such as account opening, issues driven from “Prohibition on Money Laundering” and the “Prohibition on Terrorist Financing” laws (as FATCA), commercial terms and finance solutions both in and outside the banking system.

Audit and Accounting

We provide audit services and prepare financial accounting statements (FS), by implementing state of the art audit and business view facilities. We are able to focus in unique organizational structures, such as branches of global corporations. In addition, we prepare annual tax reports for the local tax authorities (ITA), while performing tax optimization. We assist our clients in the implementation of the audit conclusions, constantly improving and optimizing for the benefit of their businesses.

Trust Protection services

We serve as a Trust “Protector”, a service dedicated to providing security and confidence to the Grantors of the Trust fund and its beneficiaries.

Areas of activities

Our clients

We are honored to announce you that as of December 2019,

we are part of PKF Israel.

We, Gal Oger and Co. Management and Consulting LTD, will continue with our services from our new location:

4 Ariel Sharon St., Hashahar Tower 15th floor, Givatayim 5320047

(next to Ramat Gan offices district)

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