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Gal Oger Founding Partner


Founding Partner

Gal is a TAU alumnus with a BA in accounting and business studies, specializing in funding and reinsurance. He acquired hisCPA license to practice accounting in 1990.
Gal has a vast amount of experience in managing funds, banking relations, and supplying accounting consultations to private and global corporations. Gal provides the unique service of dealing with tax regulations on behalf of international corporations that conduct business in the Israeli market.
Gal launched his company over two decades ago to provide services for local businesses that are owned/controlled by a holding company based outside of Israel. Gal Oger specializes in financial representation for many sectors including industrial, fiscal and high-tech.
Gal is a member of the commerce associations in the USA, Germany, and Spain and is and also plays an integral part on the board of Israel’s tax authority.
Gal is also a trustee for numerous international corporations that require fiscal representation.
Business Specialities: fiscal representation for international corporations, CFO services, and tax management.

Robert KordonskyPartner

Robert Kordonsky


Robert joined the firm in 1996 and has been an activepartner since 2007. He holds a BA in computer science and accounting from The Hebrew University, and a Master’s Degree in business studies from TAU.
Robert gained experience in the stock exchange and IPO fields as an auditing accountant and consultant to companies in the process of an IPO. He is a financial expert, specializing in producing budgetary and economic reports according to international accounting standards as well as managing IPOs while mapping out the detailed needed for running
public companies. Furthermore, Robert has vast experience working with Israeli credit companies and manages the credit scores of local as well as foreign companies at the firm. Business Specialities: auditing fiscal and financial reports for public companies, guiding and consulting companies looking for an IPO, supplying accounting services for Israeli and international companies, and representing and managing credit scoring.

Tinko Hasday, CPAPartner

Tinko Hasday, CPA


For over a decade,Tinko Hasday, has specialized in submitting reports on behalf of international corporations.
Tinko has been a partner at Gal Oger since 2021 and heads up the company’s Global Management division.
Tinko’s vast experience in managing and consulting international corporations comes from many years working in the industrial, Hi-tech, and financial sectors in Israel.
Tinko easily leads complex projects and specializes in producing fiscal and economic reports according to Israeli and international regulations (IFRS).
While working with companies listed at the Tel Aviv stock Exchange, Tinko mastered the art of raising funds and capital. He uses the knowledge to assist any clients looking to raise funds and has a successful history of fundraising for real estate agencies.
Specializes in: Managing financial and fiscal affairs of international corporations active inIsrael, budgetary
representation, CFO services, producing fiscal reports, IPOs, and producing and presenting budgetary and
financial statements for public companies.

Moshe GarusyPartner

Moshe Garusy


Moshe join the firm in 2007 and was appointed as a partner in 2018.
Moshe specializes in handling complex auditing cases for public and private companies in Israel and abroad and he focuses on the real estate, commerce, and investment sectors.
Moshe also specializes in raising funding and capital via stocks and bonds. Moreover, Moshe is well acquainted with local Israeli tax guidelines, including municipal representation.
Moshe has held a CPA license since 2008 and has a degree in business studies and accounting from Minhal college.

Ben KleinHead of International Tax

Ben Klein

Head of International Tax

Ben started working at the firm in 2021.
Ben specializes in managing funds and supplying CFO services to local and international corporations in many sectors, including real estate, commerce, travel, and retail.
Additionally, Ben has a lot of experience managing local tax case files, including client representation.
Ben obtained his CPA in 2021 and has a BA in accounting and business studies from Minhal College.

Ran CohenHead of Payroll and Bookkeeping department

Ran Cohen

Head of Payroll and Bookkeeping department

Ran has been a member of the Gal Oger team since 2015.
He is the companies Head Manager and oversees the accounting and wage departmentsAdditionally, Ran is responsible for the interns that join the company and handles the onboarding and training from start to finish.
Ran holds a CPA license which he acquired in 2015 and has a payroll accountant certificate from the Israeli accounting board.

Irena HaikinSenior Auditing Manager

Irena Haikin

Senior Auditing Manager

Irena has diverse accounting experience, starting in senior accounting management positions, followed by financial auditing roles with local and international companies and corporations.. She is also experienced in corporate and private taxes, dealing with non-profit organizations, and handling partnerships.
Irena has a BA in economics and accounting from The University of Finance and Economy in Russia. She completed her accounting studies at Bar Ilan University and received her CPA license in 2015.

Avi ShushaHead of Individual Taxation

Avi Shusha

Head of Individual Taxation

Avi has been on the Gal Oger team since 2008.
Avi has a wealth of experience in personal income tax, including gathering and organizing the relevant financial information and submitting it to the Israeli tax authority on behalf of our clients
Avi is a licensed tax consultant with a degree in accounting and tax studies from Ramat Gan University.

Shlomit AmitBack Office Manager

Shlomit Amit

Back Office Manager

Shlomit is an expert in managing offices for private financial companies.
Since joining Gal Oger, Shlomit has handled back-office duties and is also our head administrative manager.

Levana RefaeliHead of finance and banking

Levana Refaeli

Head of finance and banking

Levana has many years of experience managing funds, working with the banking system, and producing financial reports. Her specialities include auditing companies and representing companies to municipal authorities.
In the past, Levana lived abroad and supplied services to international companies. This experience enables her to supply services in foreign languages while following the necessary regulations.
Levana completed her BA in accounting in 2007 at Minhal college, specializing in accounting and business studies.

Hedva AvrahamHead of Bookeeping

Hedva Avraham

Head of Bookeeping

Hedva has been a senior tax consultant since 2015 and joined the firm in 2019.
Where she works as a bookkeeper and head payroll accountant.
Hedva has vast experience catering to international companies, including managing monthly and periodical reports, and operating an array of bookkeeping application such as SAP.

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