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Gal Oger
Gal Oger, CPA, MBA

As an active CPA Gal is an expert in taxation and management consulting services for foreign corporations conducting large-scale projects in Israel.

Over the years, Gal has gained extensive knowledge in taxation, financial management, banking, capital and private equity transactions.

Gal acquired his CPA license in 1990. He holds a BA in economics and accounting as well as an MBA, specializing in funding and insurance, both from Tel Aviv University.

Gal Oger is a permanent member at the national committee of the Israeli CPA Chamber with The Israeli Tax Authorities

Irena Haikin

Irena has diverse accounting experience, starting in senior accounting management positions, followed by financial auditing of companies and corporations, including both Israeli and international private companies. She is also experienced in corporate and private taxes, as well dealing with non-profit organizations and handling partnerships.

Irena has a BA in economics and accounting from The University of finance and Economy in Russia, and completed her accounting studies in Bar Ilan University and received her CPA license in 2015.


Haim has intensive experience in financial management, accounting, international tax, with both public and privately held companies. At our firm he is responsible for finance management, accounting, controlling services, client management, tax and international tax advisory. He also consults our clients on major business transactions. In the past, Haim has also managed and coordinated large scale company audits while representing KPMG.

Haim has a BA in accounting and economics from Haifa University and is a licensed CPA since 2003.

Naomi Zalait, CPA

Naomi is the head of our family office department which manages, controls and oversees the Israeli and overseas assets of high-net-worth families.

Naomi consults the family office’s clients on structuring investment strategies, effective tax planning and real-estate investment.

Additionally, she is responsible for Global client relations and their transactions in Israel

Naomi received her CPA license in 2006 after an internship at Ernst & Young. She holds a BA in accounting and economics from the Tel Aviv University.

Rosalia Fefer Zak -CPA

Rosalia is a highly experienced CPA and has worked as an audit manager and controller for over 15 years both in Israel and abroad. She has extensive experience in auditing private companies especially in the financial services and hi- tech sectors.

Rosalia manages day to day communications with our clients (including Spanish speakers) and also conducts audits and controlling services for the private sector.

In 1999 she received her BA in accounting, finance and economics from Montevideo University in Uruguay and also gained an Israeli License in 2010.

Avi Shusha, certified tax consultant

Avi is in charge of customer relations in our firm. He is a key consultant for our clients, advising on personal tax payments as well as providing quality accounting and payroll services.

Avi has rich and diverse experience in consolidating relations and interfaces with various tax authorities and he specializes in the Israeli Tax Authority’s computer system.

Avi is a licensed tax consultant, majoring in taxation and accounting from Ramat Gan College.

Limor Gur

Limor has over 15 years’ experience in advertising and marketing (MARCOM) for large organizations.

In our firm she is responsible for administrative management, office operations as well as customer relations.

Limor Is also a graphic designer & personal trainer

Maria Bloch

Maria has extensive experience in domestic and foreign taxation and auditing. At the firm, she is responsible for bookkeeping and payroll services for Israeli and foreign employees as well as filling tax reports, financial reports and customer service. Maria is multilingual and assists clients in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

Maria holds a master’s degree in management (1997) from the University of Buenos Aires, the Faculty of Economics and authoritative accounting studies 1 + 2

Rei Reches

Rei is our CPA intern. He holds a BA in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies from Ben-Gurion University as well as a degree in accounting studies from Bar-Ilan University. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in accountancy, payroll auditing and company auditing.

In the office, Rei deals with auditing financial statements, tax reports as well as bookkeeping and customer service.

Meital Sasoni
Natalie Malayev

Natalie specializes in payroll accounting and bookkeeping. With us she is responsible for accounting, payroll and customer service. In her previous positions, Natalie specialized in all aspects of the salary system, labor law audits, and providing services to 350 employees in one of the leading fashion companies in Israel.

Natalie is a graduate of the senior payroll auditor and type 2 bookkeeping courses at the Ono Academic College.

Shmuel Ezra

Shmuel is highly experienced in auditing and preparing financial statements for a diverse range of companies including real estate, commercial, industrial, governmental entities and service providers.

Shmuel attained his accounting license in 2010 and is a Graduate of the College of Management in Business Administration and Accounting.

Ariel Muchtar

Ariel is experienced in auditing financial statements of private and public companies, He also advices on various taxation issues, personal reports and capital statements.

Ariel holds his CPA license from 2016 and a BA diploma from the Accounting and business school of IDC 

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