Global Funds Transfer

Global Funds
Transfer (GFT)

To issue a tax exemption or a partial exemption certificate, from ITA (Israeli tax authorities), a company must submit the correct requests and comply with local laws and regulations.

Our office provides a full range of services specifically designed to take care of this process.

Our team is highly experienced in securing the best possible tax exemptions for clients who transfer funds from Israel to anywhere on the globe. We support our clients with their bank activities to ensure they receive competitive rates, with optimal financial margins and operating fees.

We provide services in the banking financing sector ("Active") and the investment sector ("Passive") in Israel for small & medium firms as well as for large multinational corporations.
In addition, we represent our clients in the Israeli banking system and take care of everything they need from the initiation of the business. We open a local bank account for our clients, assist them with compliance of complex money laundering laws and provide services required to meet financing laws and regulations.

How Does It Work?

Under Israeli law, withholding tax (WHT) of an Israeli sourced payment, must be executed as a mandatory obligation by the local payer.

The procedure is undertaken by either the local bank that is responsible for executing the transfer or by another financial service agent.

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