Financial Statements and Audit

Financial Statements and Audit Services

Each company registered in Israel is required by law to have its annual financial statements audited by an external auditor who is a certified public accountant (C.P.A in Israel).

Our firm provides audit services and prepares financial accounting statements (FS).
We are highly experienced in auditing public and private companies across a wide spectrum of sectors and industries. The firm follows rigorous auditing procedures and maintains strict quality control to ensure that audits are carried out at the highest professional level. We also ensure that the audits that we carry out are in accordance with the rules of ethics and the auditing and reporting standards.

Every audit that we undertake is tailored to the client’s needs and unique auditing method ensures that there is transparent communication and that expectations are managed professionally. In addition, we prepare annual tax reports for the local tax authorities (ITA), while performing tax optimization. After our audits are complete, we assist our clients with implementing any changes to ensure that their businesses are financially optimized and constantly improving.

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